Franklin AddisonWelcome to my website,

I created this website following a career of over 25 years in the field of investing and trading. All through-out my career I was a trusted professional. Overtime I gained in-depth knowledge of the Forex markets and expertise in how to trade them. I am now retired from my professional career and trade on a full time basis.

Why create a website on Forex Trading?

Early in my career trading and in particular Forex trading always made me nervous. Developing a new skill-set where you need to put up real hard earned dollars without knowing the outcome – whether you will gain or lose – is enough to make anyone jittery. At such times I was thankful to my more experienced peers who guided me through the process.

I launched this website to share my knowledge and help both new and established traders make informed decisions and to maximize their returns. The website includes reviews on forex trading courses, lessons and strategies on how to trade Forex.

I endeavor to help traders match their risk tolerance with the appropriate expected rate of return. For beginning traders I aim to educate them on how to avoid common mistakes due to inexperience. For more experienced traders I hope to expose them to more advanced strategies and courses so they get the most out of their trading time. For all subscribers to my website I will try to guide the retail trader through the overwhelming amount of information on Forex trading and empower them to a success trading career.

Trade Smart,

Franklin Addison